June 16, 2021 2 minutes read

Daily news alerts are the most used feature in Wizikey. Our customers tune into their day with media coverage for them and competitors – right in their mailbox. It was a while since we designed and developed these alerts and decided to give a fresh look at them. We collected feedback from our customers who helped us with their valuable feedback on what they would like in the new alerts. Some of the key things we heard were:

1.     An option to share coverage on Whatsapp

2.     Preference option to get a shorter alert with only headlines

3.     A feature to thank a journalist if he/she covers the company

We listened to all this and added a bit more to it. We also decided to give it a facelift with these features and make it a delight for the eyes. Our design teams went to the drawing board and designed the alert from scratch. The back-end teams configured the system to pull new information such as social handles to integrate that with every news item and the front-end teams stitched all these together to develop new brand alerts. And the preview did look great. So, here is what you have in the new alerts:

#1 New Alerts Will Carry Your Branding in Header

#2 You Can Now Say Thank You To a Journalist

#3 You can Opt for Headline Only Alerts

 #4 The New Alerts are Cleaner and Compact

#5 You can Share News on Whatsapp