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A Wizikey report: Before COVID-19(BC) to After COVID-19(AC)

Wizikey Industry Report titled Buzz Word Analysis 2020 – Before COVID-19(BC) to After COVID -19(AC) underlines the top newsmaking trends in the Indian Agritech industry. The report covers media buzz index, buzzmakers and buzzwords in the industry focuses on top companies and personalities. The study also analyses the overall industry sentiments before & after COVID-19.

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This report provides an analysis on the word buzz created by the Agritech industry before and after the COVID-19 outbreak. The research draws attention to the fact that from March to May 2020, the buzz created by the relevant startups showed a V-shaped recovery. Where the month of March was the most silent & May was the noise-maker. However, in the before COVID-19 phase, the maximum buzz was witnessed in the month of December.

The startups who made the most news during the pandemic in the industry was Ninjacart followed by Dehaat & Jumbotail. Further investigations reveal that the industry registered some emerging trends where news on funding and ventures saw exponential growth. Whereas in the BC phase, collaborations and disruptive innovations in Agritech gained traction. The accelerated growth in the buzz of Agritech industry is heavily due to constant communications by the startups.

It is recommended

  • Startups in Agritech industry should opt for constant communication than making announcements sporadically to their stakeholders;
  • To keep the media fraternity warmed-up, startups in the Agritech industry should share technology-related developments & business growth numbers with the journalists;
  • To impact a brand’s visibility, startups should make judicious decision to reach-out to the right-set of journalists

About Agritech

Agricultural Technology (Agritech) is the use of technology in the field of agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture to improve the efficiency of its supply chain, ensure superior quality, ease financial operations and increase revenue for all stakeholders. Agritech can be products or services or platforms related to agriculture to improve the involved processes.

Agritech products include IoT sensors, drones, automated irrigation, and services such as weather forecasts, analysis for pest/disease predictions, and platforms such as B2B marketplaces.

Indian Agritech Industry

The industry has been on the rise with several new players entering and existing players turning into giants. India is now home for more than 450 Agritech startups. The industry observed funding of $248 million till June 2019 observing a 300% growth from the previous year.

Amid the pandemic, when the essential acquired the ear of the media, Agritech and related topics surfed the news various reasons whether it was “India’s COVID-19 economic stimulus package includes $13.2 billion focused towards upgrading India’s outdated agricultural infrastructure” or attack of locusts nationwide.

Buzz Analysis

Agritech Buzz 3X in May 2020 vs. March 2020

Agritech, a portmanteau of agriculture and technology has become pervasive and a popular term. In AC era, Agriculture with technology has bucked the trend as the Media Buzz Index for the term “Agritech” moved from 43 in March 2020 to 156 in May 2020.

Gaining 3X on buzz since March 2020, Agritech has been in the spotlight for many reasons. What made the industry more popular in May includes locusts attack, venture funding & investments and the economic stimulus on agriculture.

The chart shows month-on-month indexed value of news count in Agritech industry for the year 2019 & 2020
Average of Jan 2019 to March 2019 was scaled to 100. Index for subsequent months is relative to that average value. The chart shows month-on-month indexed value of news count in Agritech industry for the year 2019 & 2020
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As the government introduced relaxations to the nation-wide lockdown, the industry saw momentum picking up in April where we observed 2.5 times growth from the previous month.

In the before COVID-19 scenario, the industry saw early signs of decline from the month of Jan 2020 and gained momentum from April 2020.

The impact of COVID-19 was prevalent in the month of March where the industry saw the all-time low buzz. The index was 1/3rd of the average buzz created in the industry. What’s noticeable here the month of December 2019 where the industry saw an unusual spike. The month witnessed some breakthrough partnerships, high-value fundings, and biggies venturing into the industry.

Buzz-Names Analysis

Personalities making headlines in the industry

The top 5 names who have been extremely vocal about the Agritech ecosystem are;

The top 5 names who have been extremely vocal about the Agritech ecosystem
Top 5 personalities most vocal about Agritech
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The report has many more sections such as:

  • What is this buzz around Ninjacart?
  • Top 5 Buzz words before coronavirus and after coronavirus
  • Sentiment analysis – and how does it bode for India as well as Agritech startups
  • Report methodology

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