January 6, 2024 4 minutes read

In this episode, Tina, an early digital marketer turned seasoned corporate communication professional, shares insights on data transformation, purpose-driven campaigns, and achieving professional clarity since her career began in 2008. As the Head of Corporate Communications at Allstate Data, Tina’s diverse background highlights her as a strategic thinker in the evolving landscape of her field.



Tina embarked on her professional journey in 2008, delving into the realm of corporate communication after completing her studies. Her initial foray included an internship at ITC, which paved the way for diverse experiences in different companies. Notably, in the nascent digital marketing landscape of India, Tina found herself drawn to the field in its early stages, exploring it through various freelance projects for international clients. This early exposure provided her with a unique advantage, witnessing the evolution of brands amidst the changing landscape of Google algorithms. Over the years, Tina has witnessed the transformation of digital marketing, from the prominence of blogs and search engine optimization to the sophisticated strategies employed today. With a multifaceted career spanning roles in digital marketing, corporate communications, and public relations, Tina currently holds the position of Head of Corporate Communications at Allstate Data.

First Interaction with Data


In the early stages of Tina’s career, data in the digital landscape was relatively scarce, yet its significance was unmistakable. She recalls a time when insights were limited to metrics like blog views, website bounce rates, and engagement, offering a basic understanding of audience interactions. As technology advanced, comprehensive data maps emerged, revealing crucial details about audience landing pages and website navigation. Over the years, this evolution has culminated in today’s vast and invaluable data resources, akin to a gold mine. Tina emphasizes the pivotal role of data in making intelligent business decisions. Beyond decision-making, she highlights its credibility as a tool for counseling stakeholders. Effectively, data serves as the foundation for convincing stakeholders of the right path forward, enabling professionals to advocate for strategies based on historical success and informed decision-making rather than relying solely on gut feelings. Throughout her career, Tina has witnessed how data, then and now, shapes storytelling, guides stakeholder counsel, and ultimately contributes to achieving goals, whether practical or aspirational.

Favourite Campaign


Tina reflects on the multitude of campaigns she has witnessed throughout her career, emphasizing the conventional approach of campaign initiation, launch, and sustenance, all backed by extensive data analysis. However, she introduces a unique perspective by underscoring the importance of the campaign’s purpose and its impact. Illustrating this point, she shares a recent small-scale campaign within her company, centered around recruitment and retention. Departing from the usual top-down communication, they adopted a bottom-up approach, allowing newly hired individuals to express why they chose the organization. Despite the modest budget and initial perception of insignificance, the campaign yielded unexpected results. Empowered by the opportunity to represent the brand, the new hires generated remarkable engagement, surpassing expectations. Tina emphasizes that the authenticity and empowerment of these individuals, despite lacking the top management’s reach, led to a more significant impact. The goodwill generated by the campaign enhanced brand loyalty and spurred requests for further opportunities. Despite the absence of significant ad spends, the campaign achieved remarkable visibility and shares, showcasing the potency of purpose-driven initiatives. In essence, Tina underscores that understanding the campaign’s purpose is paramount, often surpassing the significance of data metrics.

Important metrics to measure success


For Corporate Communication professionals focused on brand building, Tina highlights key engagement metrics as pivotal indicators of success. In the realm of social media, she emphasizes the significance of combined metrics such as likes, shares, responses, and comments, forming a comprehensive measure of a campaign’s impact. The visibility garnered through these metrics holds substantial importance, especially when linked back to the company’s website. Beyond social media, tracking website traffic, views, and responses becomes crucial. Tina acknowledges that data extends beyond numerical metrics, incorporating qualitative aspects such as direct feedback from individuals who recognize and appreciate the campaigns. In her view, the ultimate validation lies in people approaching and recognizing the company based on the impactful campaigns they have executed, making the engagement metrics more than just numbers but tangible indicators of brand resonance.

Impact of AI on Communications


Tina underscores the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field, emphasizing that its effectiveness lies in how professionals utilize it. Acknowledging both its pros and cons, she describes AI as a potent armor and ammunition for communication professionals. It not only enhances capabilities but also expands them limitlessly. Tina believes that AI, when strategically employed, can propel professionals to unprecedented heights, offering infinite possibilities. However, she cautions against blind trust in AI, emphasizing the crucial role of human thought and intervention. According to Tina, combining human insights and analytics with AI’s outputs creates magical results, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between technology and human creativity in the realm of communication.

Dream Metric


Tina expresses a sentiment shared by many in her field, highlighting a dream metric that remains elusive—the ability to identify anonymous viewers in campaign metrics. While current analytics provide information on the number of views, Tina yearns for the capability to pinpoint the individuals behind those views. Understanding the identity of viewers, in her perspective, would significantly enhance campaign targeting. She emphasizes that the current metrics, while informative, lack the specificity needed to tailor campaigns effectively. Tina envisions a more personalized approach where brands can ascertain the actual individuals watching their videos, enabling a deeper understanding of their audience and refining targeting strategies for optimal impact.

My two cents


Tina imparts a powerful perspective, citing a quote that underscores the significance of clarity amidst the deluge of irrelevant information. According to her, achieving clarity is synonymous with discovering one’s purpose. She advocates for individuals, irrespective of the scale or nature of their work, to introspect and ask the fundamental question: why are they doing what they do? Tina contends that this introspective exercise not only leads to clarity but becomes a guiding principle in life. She emphasizes that clarity, once attained, serves as an unwavering compass, providing direction even when external factors may be uncertain. In Tina’s view, this clarity is not contingent on possessions or external circumstances; rather, it opens doors, illuminates pathways, and facilitates the realization of desired outcomes.