January 16, 2024 2 minutes read

Ever wondered about the origins of your website backlinks? With Wizikey’s google analytics integration, you can now effortlessly categorize your backlinks into distinct sources.

It empowers you to categorize your backlinks into distinct sources, including Social Media, News Outlets, Blogs, Search Engines, Newswires and Aggregators, Research Reports, Forums, and Others.

Simplify Your Strategy

With insights from Wizikey and GA4, you can tailor your marketing strategy to be more effective. Figure out which channels, like Social Media or News Outlets, are performing the best and focus your efforts there.

How to Integrate GA4 in Wizikey in 4 Simple Clicks:

  • Open Your Project:
    • Go to the project where you want to use GA4.
  • Check Traffic Insights:
    • Click on Traffic Insights in the sidebar.
  • Connect to Google Analytics:
    • Hit “Give Google Analytics Access” and connect to your GA4 account.

  • Pick Your GA4 Property ID:
    • Choose your GA4 Property ID, and you’re good to go!

Take control of your online presence, analyze how different channels are doing, and discover the full potential for growth.

Try Wizikey’s Google Analytics Integration Today!