February 8, 2024 4 minutes read

From his early fascination with animation to his current leadership in communications, Himank’s journey has been nothing short of transformative. Over two decades ago, he embarked on a path fueled by a passion for 3D animation, only to discover a profound interest in the world of communications. Today, Himank stands as a seasoned professional at the forefront of the industry, leveraging his diverse experience and strategic acumen to drive impactful narratives and shape the future of PR and communications.



Himank shares his journey from being deeply passionate about animation, particularly 3D animation with software like Maya and Max, to finding his calling in communications and PR. He reflects on the allure of directly engaging with industry leaders and shaping brand narratives. For Himank, it’s not about the superficial aspects often associated with PR, but rather about the profound impact effective communication can have. Mentors played a pivotal role in his growth, instilling in him a thirst for knowledge and a deeper understanding of the field. He emphasizes the importance of seeking knowledge and how it transcends the transient nature of content. Over two decades in the industry have brought maturity and clarity, allowing him to make informed decisions and see the bigger picture. His journey has been enriching, offering invaluable perspectives from diverse clients and brands.

First Interaction with data


Himank highlights the evolution of his approach towards communications, emphasizing the pivotal role of data. Reflecting on his early days at Genesis Burson-Marstellar, now Burson, managing mandates for HP and Nasscom, Himank recalls the shift from solely counting media stories to analyzing data for deeper insights. This transition underscored the power of data in gauging messaging impact and optimizing outreach strategies. He emphasizes the significance of data-driven conversations, both with media influencers and internal stakeholders, for effective storytelling and brand messaging. Guided by mentors, he adopted a data-driven approach early on, recognizing its importance in tracking impact and evaluating the nuanced ROI of PR efforts. From tracking messaging efficacy to analyzing viewer engagement, Himank acknowledges the integral role of data in shaping his foundational experiences as a PR executive.

Favourite Campaign


Himank reminisces about several notable campaigns throughout his career, highlighting his favorites and the impact they made. One standout project was his involvement with Xiaomi, where he spearheaded the brand’s rise to becoming India’s top smartphone brand. Through innovative strategies like engaging with “me fans” and pioneering tear-down sessions to reveal the inner workings of their devices to the media, Himank and his team cultivated a loyal following and reshaped perceptions of the brand. Additionally, his work with Instagram and Facebook (now Meta) involved creating annual reports on trending topics, shifting the narrative from pushing content to attracting media interest organically. Himank also cherishes his time with Magic P, where he gained international exposure and honed his skills in blending offline and online marketing. With Baazi Games, Himank emphasizes a data-driven approach focused on hero creations and responsible gaming, eschewing flashy tactics for a more integrated and ethical branding approach. Throughout his career, Himank underscores the importance of evidence-based conversations, leveraging testimonials, data, and real-world impact to craft compelling narratives and drive engagement.

Important metrics to measure success


Himank emphasizes the complexity of measuring success in PR, rejecting standardized metrics like Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) in favor of more qualitative indicators. For him, the ultimate validation comes from third-party endorsements and the resonance of his team’s stories in the public sphere. He stresses the importance of clear messaging and positive headlines, prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to media coverage. Himank advocates for early involvement in campaign planning to set meaningful success parameters, urging a focus on metrics that truly capture the intended message and impact. He underscores the value of data-driven storytelling and encourages simplicity in approach, leveraging decades of professional experience to navigate the intricacies of PR and communications effectively.

Impact of AI on Communications


Himank foresees a significant impact of AI on communications, revolutionizing how information is gathered, analyzed, and disseminated. He acknowledges the time-saving potential of AI-powered tools for information gathering and analysis, streamlining processes that were once labor-intensive. Himank underscores the importance of embracing visual and audio mediums alongside textual ones, citing the success of podcasts and the need for more engaging communication channels. He advocates for upskilling in AI, seeing it as essential for communication professionals to navigate the evolving landscape effectively. However, Himank also emphasizes the irreplaceable role of human expertise in communication, particularly in understanding nuances, interpreting body language, and fostering genuine connections with stakeholders. While AI can augment and assist in communication tasks, Himank cautions against overreliance, stressing the importance of maintaining human control and perspective in communication strategies. Ultimately, he believes that AI will continue to evolve as a valuable tool in communications but will never fully replace the unique capabilities and insights provided by human communicators.

Dream Metric


Himank envisions a comprehensive metric for measuring audience engagement, beyond mere story appearances. He proposes a sophisticated system where a central repository tracks viewer behavior on websites where stories are published, providing detailed insights such as the number of viewers, duration of engagement, and even eye-tracking data. While acknowledging potential privacy concerns, he believes that advancements in AI could make such analytics feasible in the future. Himank also suggests incorporating interactive surveys to gauge viewer comprehension and resonance with the communicated message. He envisions this integrated approach to metrics as a powerful tool for assessing the effectiveness of communication efforts and enhancing audience engagement.

My two cents


Himank shares invaluable advice in two parts. First, he emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and staying informed about one’s company, industry, and broader societal trends. By consuming content regularly, whether visually, audibly, or through text, individuals can align their personal and professional interests, fostering a deeper understanding of their surroundings and potential impacts on their brand. Second, Himank underscores the criticality of relentless learning in the initial phase of one’s career. He advocates for a mindset of curiosity and courage, urging individuals to seek out new knowledge daily and ask probing questions. By prioritizing learning and growth in the formative years, professionals can develop the insights and connections necessary for long-term success.