June 5, 2019 2 minutes read

My parents were cool when I told them after the first semester at IIT that I want to pursue Communications. Which I later did from MICA and not pursue the IIMs journey. My childhood is accentuated with events vis-s-vis news. Be it the assassination news of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 when I was in class 6th or 1996 India Sri Lanka match, when I was preparing for Xth; I can’t think of my childhood without the newspapers or the headlines. There used to be discussions on journalists which used to give me an impression of them as fearless fighters. Working round the clock and writing so much for millions to read.

One of the perks of running a data-driven organisation is to analyse history created almost every day from close quarters. Businesses pitching stories to journalists and them writing articles which are changing the world, one news at a time.

To illustrate the above point, here is the May data – figures that indicate the nu-mber of times journalists open their emails for pitches sent via Wizikey.
Heatmap depicting timings when journalists opened their Wizikey pitches in May 2019

What are the best times to reach a journalist?

As per the above data
– The peak times are Monday at 11 am and Thursday at 4 pm. 
– Fridays are not bad to send the information – best is to send it by 1 pm
– There are journalists who are also checking emails over the weekend. Look at the screenshot below – Sunday 6 am! I am mostly in the bed by then, unless my little one decides to wake up early for a game of swings. What about you?
Don’t you think paying attention to data like this will help the public relations industry in India?

Please note that the data presented above is highly dynamic. We will keep updating the same for all our patrons as we keep growing. Stick with us and we will keep on sharing more insightful tips for you. 

May for Wizikey

This was an exciting month. We announced our investments and (thanks to the journalists!) we got over 100 + businesses requesting demos. We are meeting and hearing such amazing stories from around the country. From Chandigarh to Tirupur; From a startup of 1 person to an Enterprise of 100,000 businesses, and of course many of you are reading this as we speak. 

May was also an amazing month of spending time with mentors and learning how we need to shape up Wizikey to ensure all of you have a great time.
Mentors sessions at Wizikey
If you are in public relations or corporate communications, I hope you use Wizikey to start creating your own relationships with journalists. Believe me, you will love interacting with journalists, because they truly are the most hardworking amongst all of us homo sapiens.