August 2, 2021 2 minutes read

A short while back, we revamped our daily alerts to give them a new cool look (Read: A Fresh Look at Daily Alerts). But then our customers had to ask the Wizikey success team to set preferences – only headlines in my alerts, No alerts on Sundays. So, we decided to add one more brick of self-serve to our product – and this one comes with knobs and dials. We are happy to roll out the Alerts Manager console for you. 

Here is how it looks:

Here are Knobs and Dials:

Select Day, Time, Timezone: Now you can select the day, time, and timezone for which you would like to receive alerts. You will now be able to effectively control the number of email alerts you want to receive 

Headlines or Headlines + Summary: You can also control whether you want to see just news headlines or both headlines and summaries.

Number of News: You can now limit the number of news they want to see for a specific keyword.

Sources of News: You can also control the source of the news that should be used for generating the alert, for example, news from just the top 100 publications or all publications covered by Wizikey.

Group Duplicate News (Launching Soon): You will be able to prescribe if you want duplicate news from different sources to be grouped together or shown separately.