September 1, 2021 6 minutes read

If you are a medium to large tech company looking to increase your Share of Voice in the media, and traditional PR hasn’t worked out, Wizikey has the solution for you.

The wonderful thing about planning a PR campaign with Wizikey is that you can get from A to Z in one space. Planning a campaign is not as simple as saying “I want to get X message to the media” and end it there. A campaign takes a lot of careful analysis, strategising and execution. 

Let us tell you how to do it all in one place, when you use Wizikey.

Know Your Competition

First things first, set up your landscape. Understand your competition and how they are doing within your industry and in the media.

Knowing your competitive landscape is imperative to getting started. Wizikey gives you clarity at your fingertips when you enter your brand and those of your competitors. At the touch of a finger you can find out exactly where you stand vis-a-vis your competition in the eyes of the world according to Share of Voice.

Use the set up feature in Wizikey to configure a competitive landscape that shows you exactly where you and your competitors stand. Once you have an understanding of where you are on the landscape, you can go ahead and create your campaign strategy.

Set your PR Goal

What are you seeking to do with the campaign? Be clear. Do you want to build your brand narrative? Do you want to increase Share of Voice in the media? Do you want to attract investors? Do you want to make news? Do you want to launch a product?

Exactly what is it you wish to achieve?

Answering these questions will help you decide what kind of media you want to approach, as well as the kind of message you wish to convey.

Once you have your goal then you can go about creating your pitches, selecting the media with whom you wish to share your news, and then move on to post-campaign analysis.


Define your audience. Know who you are targeting and what media they access. Once you know this information, finding the right journalists who can carry your story gets easier. 
Of course there are many ways to find journalists. You can google reporters, buy media lists and try a variety of other ways that were once the only ways. Or you could use Wizikey’s regularly refreshed and curated lists of reporters. It’s as easy as a keyword search. Enter a journalist’s name if you want a particular person, or just enter your industry, the landscape you’re a part of and voila! Read more about finding the right journalist here.

Create your Campaign

A campaign is a holistic approach to a goal. A campaign can have several pitches. Say you try three different pitches, you can see which one engages the most, and which is opened the most etc. See Reports below.

The history of all your campaigns – everything is accumulated here. 

When you use a traditional PR agency, you will get a list of coverages. But you won’t get insight into how it happens –  the failed pitches, the successful ones, the engagement. Wizikey brings you a great deal of transparency along with strategy and execution finesse.

Write your Pitch

When you create a new Campaign in Wizikey, you start off by creating a Pitch. But first you name your campaign and to help you do that we have a bunch of suggestions.

Next, write an email to the journalists you want to reach out to. To help you get to the point as well as to save time, we have a few templates readymade for you. Pick a template from our drop down list. 

Select the journalists you want to send the pitch to, submit your pitch for review, and then your email is good to go. 

What happens next?

When a journalist receives your email, to get immediate feedback the email also has a couple of CTA buttons, “Interested” and “not interested”. (To account for Covid mayhem we also included a button called “fighting medical emergency” which if selected ensures they don’t receive anything from you for 14 days).

Wizikey gives you an auto generated email ID from which they receive the email. This implies that the company is reaching out to the media through Wizikey. The email will have your name and the email id will be “”. When they reply to the pitch it goes into the reply section.

This way, you don’t have to track emails coming to extraneous email inboxes. Additionally, every response gets tracked right here.


Here’s where you can store PDFs and images etc. to accompany your pitches and press releases. Collateral can stay here forever and you just need to dip into it and choose whatever fits your requirement at that time. It’s a great way to make sure your pitch never goes out without branding.

Campaign and Pitch Reports

Wizikey gives you complete transparency into how your campaigns and pitches fare. Everything is visible, from the opens and interested to who engaged and when.

For example, you will know exactly who out of 50 emails sent out said they were interested or not interested. And you will also know how many times someone opened your email. Replies would of course be the best indication of interest, however, we do have these other indications so that you will know whether to follow up or not when there is no reply.

Screenshot: most engaged reporters and email opens within 24 hours of it being set out.

This is a Campaign Report and the metrics give you an overall comprehensive view of how your campaign has done.

This next screenshot details a pitch report. You can see how each and every pitch performs on an individual level.

Highlights give you numbers at your fingertips so at a glance you can tell how well a pitch did. For example, in the screenshot below, it shows you that you sent your email to 7 reporters, of which 6 opened them, 3 clicked the “I’m interested” button, and at the end of the day you received 6 media mentions/coverages.


The Coverage Tab is where you will find all the coverage you have received.

Every morning you get a news alert from Wizikey, based on your landscape. If there are new mentions the daily alert will let you know. You can then add the media story to your list of coverages in Wizikey.

Simply put

It is this simple to create and manage your campaigns with a product like Wizikey. There is no need for paperwork and filing, or spreadsheets and scattered data. Everything happens right here. The best part is that you can get an inside look into all that happens as your campaigns get going. The icing on top is the reporting feature which gives you a very clear picture of what actually happened during a campaign, and with every individual pitch. 

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