March 22, 2021 3 minutes read

Most Indian’s are accustomed to the habit of having their morning cup of tea and reading the morning news. It can be said that even the marketing teams of corporates and brands alike, practice this habit and are always interested to know ‘Where their brand is mentioned?’ To cater to this need, we have a product feature known as ‘Wizikey Alerts’.


The alerts are nothing, but a simple way to monitor what’s going on in your industry. Viewing these every day will support you in being aware of your brand-specific news, articles on your competition, and industry conversations in general. The daily alerts system of Wizikey ensures news lands in your inbox at a set time in the morning and helps you to know about the journalist writing in your relevant sectors. 


Now, let’s take a note of the key benefits of using Wizikey alerts


Staying on track

Every morning you will see articles, on your brand, peers and leadership


Tracking competition

Curious to know what your competitors are up to? Track them with us, whether it’s new launches, product developments, news mentions, etc. In order to be the leader in your industry, study how your peers are interacting with the target audience.


 Industry trends

Setting up Wizikey alerts, not only keeps you being up to date about your niche but also helps in gathering new ideas and noticeable trends in the industry. 


Wizikey alerts are relevant for whom? 

Wizikey alerts are relevant for everyone, whether it is a PR Consultant, CEO, or a Marketing Communication Professional. 


Where and when do these alerts come? 

The alerts will land in your inbox on a daily basis between 9 am to 9:30 am.


How do Wizikey alerts work? 

Create a landscape: Once you register and subscribe to Wizikey, you need to go and add keywords relevant for your landscape, regularly updating these supports in achieving accurate tracking.


Add keywords & update them regularly: The keywords that you need to fill in are 

  • Brand Keywords: Input the right brand keywords i.e. how your audience and media refer to your company eg: Apple, Apple Inc.
  • Related Keywords includes all those words through which you drive key messaging for your brand. Eg: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple TV, Apple Pods, HomePod, Mac, Apple
  • Eliminate keywords entails those words that you don’t  want your brand to be associated with 
  • Leadership keywords associated with the spokesperson that is going to be interacting with the media, along with full names and designations. 


Want to know a lesser-known fact about landscapes? 

They can support in tracking your industry, also through the use of the right keywordsLet us try to explain this to you with an example; For instance, if you are Apple, you can add keywords related to smartphones, TV, Tablets, Laptops, and whatever is on your priority list.  Once done, our automated data will collect all news articles with the mentioned keywords and report them to you every day with an email in your inbox. It’s as simple as that!  

With dozens of news articles happening in your industry and with an endless number of competitors, it is extremely difficult to keep track of relevant articles manually. With Wizikey alerts, we are working to solve the redundant manual processes and cost for paying a third party. Simply feed in the keywords related to your brand or industry and we will get the related news to your inbox!

We want to save your efforts and valuable time. Switch to a tracking system that is smart, automated, and correct with Asia’s first Data-driven Media Intelligence and Outreach company.