April 5, 2021 4 minutes read

Choosing the right communications firm that offers a swift and easy way of pinning down the right journalist and ultimately reaching out to the end consumer, is still a question in the minds of many businesses. It is not an exaggeration to say that public relations consultants, CEOs, and marketing professionals face numerous problems or challenges when it comes to narrating their brand story to their end consumers or media relevant to them.

The ultimate goal of public relations is to bring about a change in the behavior of your user and also to help you gain trust and credibility for your business. When a user reads about you in a popular paper or digital portal, that’s a third person validating coming for your work. However, this isn’t as simple as it looks.

This is the problem that Wizikey aims to solve with its team of Wizards, which brings about a marriage of data, technology, and communication really well.  It is especially for those who are looking for transparent and fast communication with tech-enabled solutions for measuring precise outcomes. 

Let’s deep dive to understand how Wizikey is for everyone, whether it is a CEO, PR Consultant, or a Marketing Communication Professional. 

What can a CEO do?

It is challenging to get the right story to the right people, measuring impact, proving value, and demonstrating the ROI to stakeholders. To cope up with such challenges, Wizikey provides transparency and agility in its day-to-day operations. 

Save your time: If you are a CEO, you can avoid lengthy manual processes and save valuable time and energy.  Wizikey’s automated news alerts will keep you up to date with the industry,  which is just a click away.  This saved time can be used in building your own product or service. 

Keeps you well informed: Wizikey’s data science and sentiment insights into the media coverage provide a simple overview of how your brand is perceived vis-a-vis the competition and the overall industry.  This allows you to make more informed decisions as to where you stand as compared to your peers.


What can a PR Consultant do?

The process of manual media tracking and measuring the impact of the PR efforts has been intangible. To understand and analyze how brands messaging falls in line, with the key audiences, a PR consultant can use Wizikey in the following ways:

  1. Easy accessibility to media: In our software, a PR consultant can easily log in and can get access to a media universe of over  50,000  journalists from 12,000+ publications. This data is frequently cleaned, analyzed, and only then updated. So, no more days of scanning newspapers manually page by page and searching for those journalists that match your relevant sector. There is a separate team of data experts working round the clock to ensure that no journalist whether old or new is missed!
  2. Track your competition: We rely on our own inbuilt tracking system, it’s easy to use, change and apply for daily use,  called Wizikey Landscapes. The landscape provides trends,  keywords, on brand names – providing a simple and easy interface for everyone to see what is happening. You can simply put keywords for your competition or sector and it will share relevant news links at a set time, every day. 
  3. Measuring PR efforts: Wizikey provides well-researched data-driven metrics to show you on a day-to-day basis your brand’s presence through mentions of the brand. If you are still relying on advertising cost to measure the effectiveness of cost VS investment in PR solutions. Switch to a more transparent and swift solution!


How can you boost internal comms using Wizikey? 

Wizikey provides a holistic view of activities, so you have everything happening related to your communication needs in one place. You can track the content of your message to the journalist, What time did it go? Which journalist saw it? and How many times they viewed it? This helps you, keep a tab on the PR efforts, without chasing anyone. 

This is not all, we know that you may want to reach out to locals in smaller parts of the country. To assist you, Wizikey Local gives a standard rate to help you pitch stories to over 50+ cities. 

You also never miss out on any activity on Wizikey. In case you are not on your desktop, we send you email notifications and you can even see us on your smartphone. Wizikey is easy to use at your fingertips and while being on the move.

Wizikey is software that is designed to build trust. Its super simple interface will help you manage the entire process of media announcements and pitches to give you the media relations you deserve. In case, you wish to contact us for a demo or want to receive further details on any metrics or methodology, please let us know. We are here to support you!