June 24, 2021 2 minutes read

Wizikey BrandBox is one of the most used features by our clients. For the distributed media relations teams across cities and working remotely, it is a lifesaver. It is like Dropbox of media relations for these teams. The volume and formats of digital assets that companies must manage have just exploded and it is a pain to track and find the latest copies when working on tight deadlines. And that’s where the BrandBox becomes so useful.

Now, we have had a basic version of BrandBox for quite some time, but then the needs of our clients evolved – they needed more powerful search, more ways to tag assets, and better filtering and sorting options. And that motivated us to build and launch the next version – BrandBox 2.0.

And here are the key updates in this version:

#1 Now you Drag and Drop Content to Upload

#2 Two New Categories of Content Tags (Photos and Campaign Documents)

#3 Filtering is Now Easy

#4 Many Ways to Sort Assets

#5 BrandBox 2.0 is Now Neater

Here are the three next in line features for Brandbox:

  1. Allow preview of brand assets
  2. Get to search within documents
  3. Get the ability to pull assets from URL