February 27, 2024 2 minutes read

We are thrilled to share that Wizikey has been recognized with four awards at the 2023 BW Marketing Excel Awards in different categories for the innovative use of technology and data-driven approach to PR.

Imara AI is honored for “Best Digital New Product Launch

Imara AI, the world’s first AI Avatar for PR and Comms, has been recognized with the Best Digital New Product Launch of the Year award. Recognizing the time-consuming challenge of traditional PR reporting, we developed Imara AI to transform the process of PR Reporting through innovation.

AI Coverage Report Wins “Tech Enabled PR Initiative” Award

AI Coverage Report just won the award for Best Tech-Enabled PR Initiative. It uses AI magic to analyze media coverage, generating stunning coverage reports in just 6 minutes, with accurate reach tracking and data compilation.

5th Edition of Newsmakers Reports for Most Visible companies and Startups – 2023 wins for Best PR Initiative in “B2B Enterprise Tech”

Our 5th Edition of Newsmakers Reports for Most Visible Companies and Startups – 2023 won the award for Best PR Initiative in “B2B Enterprise Tech”. Many B2B companies struggle to demonstrate the true value of their PR efforts due to the lack of clear metrics. 5th edition of Newsmakers Report tackled this challenge head-on by providing News Score, a standardized metric. This empowered B2B organizations to quantify their PR impact, demonstrate its value to leadership, and make data-driven PR decisions.

Newsmakers Report Wins for “Persistent Long Running Campaign

Newsmakers Report just snagged another award for “Persistent Long-Running Campaign”, marking years of dedication to delivering valuable insights to the PR world through a standardized metric, News Score. Imagine a world where companies are recognized for their storytelling prowess, building trust, and earning goodwill – that’s the future Wizikey strives for, and the Newsmakers Report is a key driver in achieving it.

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